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- Cathedral ][ -
A remake of the original [4u2] Cathedral, part ][ offers better views and harder jumps. Being basically one giant room, only small groups are recommended. Great for 1v1.

- The Drink -
A small map, the Drink has a watery basement with places to swim. An accurate rail will help as you pick unsuspecting fools from the water. Just remember to come up for air.

- Warehouse ][ -
Similar in appearance to the original Warehouse(q2dm8), Warehouse ][ plays as a smaller version. Small groups can have a great time. Enjoy all the tricks and freestyles you can stand on this jumper's map.

- Fragnaseum ][ -
The second build of the famed Fragnaseum, this version plays the same. The fighting is tight in places, but the action is never far away. If you like Lost hallways but hate lava, then this may be your map. 4-8 players.

- Frag Palace ][ -
The original 4u2 estate needed a drastic remodel, so carpenter Squirrel went at it. The new Frag Palace frags as good as before, and goodies abound. Enjoy your stay!

- Frags of Steel -
A map with tight spaces. Multi-level rooms where the rockets are close. Be careful not to blow yourself up on this level.

- Reactor ][ -
Offering the most fragging real estate, the Reactor has the feel of "The Edge," but with a few twists. Definitely good for large groups of Quake Addicts. This is the newly revised version.

- Warehouse ]I[ -
Offering pleanty of action at every turn, Warehouse ]I[ can quickly become a railer's map. It's wise to keep movin' your feet--or you'll get beat. Good for bigger groups and teamplay mods.

- Rodent's Revenge -
This map offers narrow halls that lead straight to the action. The open areas provide the necessary fragging madness, and some good jumping will prove useful for some power-ups. Even though the map is well stocked, you run out of ammo fast.

- Crystal Death -
A map of symetry, Crystal Death is easy to learn and simple to frag. Despite its open appearance, there are many places to hide from nasty railers. Large and small groups alike should be satisfied.

- Cold Steel Rail -
The 4u2 map made for rail happy fools! Rail only, arena style.

- Lava Lamp -
Multi-level, q3-esq. A large map designed for big DM crowds.
*2nd place in Map making contest*

- thirteen -
Industrial chaos. Maybe 13 will be your lucky number. ;)
* "Level of the Week" 3/9/04*

- shafted -
Columns abound in this medium sized map. The lower area provides a great rocket arena, where death is around every turn!

- pitchfork -
A map inspired by Halo. Download the custom texture pak for eye popping goodness! Good for small to medium groups.


- Motion Sickness -
Made by fellow member Geikram, Motion sickness is a springy, rail-only map. This map dares you to keep your feet on the ground and pick unsuspecting fools from the sky.

- Malignant Tomber -
The second Geikram-made map available from the 4u2 website. It's a large sprawling map with a main courtyard just begging for a fragfest.