Here are pictures of the previous [4u2] Homepages. I thought it would be fun to show how the webpage has changed over the past year. Making a webpage is not hard to do, and I do recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it. There are plenty of free web space providers out there, and plenty of proggies (and people) to help you on your way. May there be many more to come!

Version 1:
Released: 6/2000
Number of members: 13
First try at web design. Using Frontpage Express & PSP 4

Version 1.5:
Released: 7/2000
Number of members: 13
Added new content, used Frontpage Express & PSP 4
Note: Some of original page content lost. Doh!

Version 2:
Released: 8/2000
Number of members: 14 (Lightning joins)
First design using notepad and HTML, first use of frames, PSP 5.

Version 2.5:
Released: 8/2000
Number of members: 14
First try at JavaScript. Still using notepad and frames & PSP 5.

Version 3:
Released: 9/2000
Number of members: 16 (Hugo and Foopooh)
First try at CSS, still usin' notepad and PSP 6

Version 4:
Released: 6/2001
Number of members: 16
Frontpage 2000, PSP 6.

Version 5:
Released: 10/2001
Number of members: 19 (Sid, Phantom, & Corpus)
Frontpage 2000, PSP 7.

Version 6:
Released: 02/2002
Number of members: 20 (Masta)
Notepad, PSP 7. 

Version 7:
Released: 09/2002
Number of members: 21
Notepad, PSP 7.

Version 8:
Released: 07/2004
Number of members: 23
Notepad, PSP 7.